About Edwards Culvert of Fredericktown, Ohio

Edwards Culvert is a Family owned, and operated business and is also the oldest independent fabricator of metal culvert pipes in the state of Ohio.

Edwards Culvert was founded in 1907 and has been in operation for over 100 years.

We currently manufacture two types of culvert pipe. First is riveted pipe, which is made in two foot segments. Each corrugated sheet is rolled into a cylinder can, and then riveted together by hand to make a culvert. Riveted pipe ranges in size from 8” to 102” in diameter.

The second type of pipe we manufacture is spiral or helical pipe. Spiral pipe is a lock seam pipe that requires no rivets. The pipe is spun from a continuous coil of steel. Spiral pipe ranges in size from 6” to 120” in diameter. We also supply highway products.